Why Measure Your Building?

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Facility Management

PLANiT’s products include a variety of reports, plans and tools that are critical to efficient facility management. In addition to delivering accurate as-built plans for your building and site, we can also produce parking plans and develop spreadsheets that show key building details such as construction material quantities and unit area calculations according to relevant industry standards.

Use our state-of-the-art Building Information Models (BIM) to estimate maintenance contracts more accurately and model energy consumption and building reconfigurations. PLANiT helps affordably ensure long-term facility management efficiency.


In order to efficiently and effectively redesign your building or portions thereof, you first need an accurate digital rendering of the facility as it exists today – not as it was planned in the original blueprints. Depending on the level of detail required, PLANiT’s technicians will use specialized tools onsite including our own patent-pending MeasuringBoard® technology, point cloud scanning, and photogrammetry to capture measurements and other facility data. Our tools and processes allow us to measure precisely and develop accurate drawings far more efficiently than those produced with traditional methods.

Floorplans, sections and elevations can be delivered in a variety of formats including AutoCAD, Revit, etc.

Confirm Property Assessment Calculations

Property taxes are a major annual operating expense. Building size is a key factor used in calculating most assessed values and can significantly influence the amount of taxes you are required to pay each year. Independent area calculations and space audits certified by a Professional Engineer help ensure that you do not incur unwarranted financial burdens; are not overcharged, and do not overpay.

Marketing Solutions

With over 90% of buyers and renters using the Internet to search for available properties, your real estate marketing campaigns deserve a presentation powered by the best and most vividly convincing marketing technology. Floor plans provide a powerful visual representation of a unit or building that photos and even panoramic tours cannot convey.

Take advantage of cutting edge online marketing tools to attract more buyers and provide a more engaging and compelling user experience – while giving your site a more professional appearance. PLANiT offers basic 2D plans, enhanced colour plans that show sample furniture placement, high definition 3D plans, and even animated fly-throughs. We deliver the most complete results-oriented marketing packages in the industry to successfully target buyers, renters, or investors.

Maximize Revenue

The actual measurements and area calculations of existing buildings rarely match those specified on original blueprints. If your leases are based on actual rentable area but you base those calculations on blueprints or, plans created by someone that is not professionally certified in the relevant industry standards, you could be missing out on considerable additional annual income.

PLANiT is the only measuring company licensed by several Professional Engineers Associations across North America to certify building areas. Our technicians are experts in all relevant industry standards including BOMA, SIOR and others. Accurate floor plans will ensure that you are not overpaying on maintenance contracts and will also help to identify underutilized areas within a building. That allows managers and designers to potentially plan reconfigurations to add additional rentable area – or even entire units – to an existing space.

Liability Protection

Ask any fire services professional to identify the most important component of a building’s Fire Safety Plan or Emergency Evacuation Plan and you will routinely hear that it is the floor plan (also known as the building schematic). It must be detailed, accurate, and easy-to-read to best assist emergency responders.

PLANiT’s schematics are unsurpassed in the building industry and include the accuracy and ease-of-use that is critical to support such an important function in the protection of your building and its occupants.

Due Diligence

Don’t risk purchasing a building based on quoted area measurements that are inaccurate. Insist that the as-built floor plans and area calculations are up-to-date and have been prepared and certified by licensed professionals with a reputation for quality and ongoing support.

PLANiT’s BOMA and Professional Engineer certifications ensure that you are receiving unparalleled expertise and professional backing for the data that will support your important investment decisions and all of our products and services are backed by full E&O Insurance..